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Frequently Asked Questions


For how many portions are your recipes?

Most of my recipes are for 2 portions, apart from my baking recipes. Within each recipe the amount of portions is given.

Are your recipes vegan?

Not all recipes are vegan. However, vegan options are givin within some recipes. Furthermore, all recipes are lactose-free.

Where can I found the macros?

The macros can found at the bottom of the recipe.

Why are your recipes healthy?

The recipes are low refined sugars, saturated fats and calories. However, it still contains the foods you love, such as chocolate, oreos, biscoff, etc. As long as you balance it, it can be considered healthy.

Where can I found the recipes from Instagram and TikTok?

The recipes you have seen on TikTok and Instagram can be easily found by entering the name of the recipe in the search bar.

Where can I find baked oats recipes?

Most of the baked oats recipes can be found in my e-book. These can not be found on my website.

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